Teaching Resources

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Haudenosaunee and Indigenous History

Why You Can’t Teach American History Without American Indians, Edited by Susan Sleeper-Smith, Juliana Barr, Jean M. O’Brien, Nancy Shoemaker, and Scott Manning Stevens
Mohawk Stories by Ionataie:was Kay Olan

American Revolution

“Native Americans Choosing Sides,” NEH EdSitement
The American Revolution in Indian Country, Colin Calloway
People of the Standing Stone, Karim Tiro
Peacemakers, Michael Oberg
Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears, Theda Perdue and Michael Green
“Independence for Whom?” The World of the Revolutionary American Republic, Alyssa Mountpleasant
“She Did Not Open Her Mouth Further,” Women in the American Revolution, Maeve Kane

Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

American Historical Association Criteria for Standards in History/Social Studies/Social Sciences
Champlain Society Teaching Resources
Reacting to the Past games
Haudenosaunee Guide for Educators, Smithsonian NMAI
Native Knowledge 360 lessons, Smithsonian NMAI
Six Nations Polytechnic teaching resources

Primary Documents

Early American Sources, earlyamericansources.org
The Papers of Sir William Johnson
The Documentary History of the State of New York
Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York