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Welcome to online exhibits designed by SUNY Albany students enrolled in AHIS 606: Readings and Practicum in Digital History. Created as a final project for this course, each exhibit draws on archival material located within the M.E. Grenander Special Collections and Archives at the University at Albany. Powered by Omeka, these exhibits consist of a series of original case studies of social networks, digital mapping, text analysis, and narrative, designed as one collaborative, publicly engaged online exhibit. While the content and methods of analysis vary considerably, each project focuses specifically on the history of the school and the local community.

Exhibits on this site are organized by default through geographic location. However, it is possible to search by methodology or topic in the Navigation tab.

The AHIS 606: Readings and Practicum in Digital History course introduces students to major new directions in the practice of history on the web and the growing distinction between digital history as method and digital history as medium.  The goal of the course is for students to gain skills in web publishing, the identification of avenues for public engagement, and the use of digital tools for historical analysis. Students enrolled in this class come from a variety of academic backgrounds and have a mixed degree path, including: undergraduate history majors, undergraduate political science majors, undergraduate documentary studies majors, masters candidates in both academic and public history, masters in information sciences and PhD candidates in history.

Special thanks to librarians Jesus Alonso-Regalado, Jodi Boyle, Mark Wolfe, Brian Keough and the staff of the M.E. Grenander Special Collections!