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The World in 1491

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August 31

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which of the following is true of the pre-contact Americas?

      A. Native Americans had no concept of land ownership
      B. Most Native groups had systems of land ownership that required the land be used to be owned and made a distinction between the right to use land and the right to own land
      C. Slavery in the Americas was not permanent and slaves could be adopted into or married into free status in their communities
      D. Native American groups moved seasonally, hunting and gathering different types of plants and animals
      E. Both B and C

Agriculture in the Americas

Cahokia and other cities


Spanish Colonies before 1600

why did early Spanish colonization concentrate in South America and the Caribbean?

(there is more than one correct answer)

      A. The Spanish believed that the Native people in South America and the Carribbean would be easier to conquer
      B. The Spanish were seeking gold and a route to China
      C. The climate further north was too cold for sugar plantations
      D. Smallpox and other diseases took more of a toll in South America and the Caribbean than in North America, making those areas easier to conquer
      E. The large Aztec and Inca empires had many Native enemies who could be allied with and governing structures in place which could be taken over

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