Colonial America

Washington's No Good Very Bad Day

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Wednesday, November 8

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today's class

  • Louisbourg - 1745
  • Anderson discussion
  • who owns the Ohio Valley?
  • 18th century military expectations
  • Washington messes up big time

Louisbourg - 1745

  • Treaty of Utrecht - what is Canada good for?
  • removal of the Acadians
  • previous Massachusetts-New France conflicts
  • rising tensions - another Father Rale's War?
  • they gave it back?!

Anderson, Pt 1

  1. why did the Shawnees, Delawares, and Mingos move into the Ohio Valley?
  2. how did Iroquois view the Ohio Valley and the Indians who lived there?
  3. why did Tanaghrisson invite trade with George Croghan and other Pennsylvania traders?
  4. why was the Virginian Ohio Company formed?
  5. why did the French governor Duqusne order the construction of forts in the Ohio Valley?
  6. why did Virginia governor Dinwiddie send George Washington to the Ohio Valley?

who owns the Ohio Valley?


who owns the Ohio Valley?

  • actually live there: Shawnee, Delaware, Mingo, Munsee
  • claim control: Iroquois Confederacy
  • want to build forts: French & English
  • bought land: Virginia
  • colonial land claims: NY, Mass, Virginia, Penn, France

why Washington

  • family financial interest in Ohio country
  • experienced surveyor - maps = power
  • dumb and ambitious enough to say yes

military design

Fort Pitt
Fort Pitt

Washington's errand

Jumonville Glen - 1754

  • death of Washington's commanding officer
  • Tanaghrisson's loss of support
  • mutinous, underpaid militia pressed into service - only 186
  • Washington's over and underestimation
  • death of Jumonville - who is responsible?

Fort Necessity - 1754