History of American Indians and the United States

National and International Sovereignty

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Monday, September 18

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today's class

  • your papers!
  • UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Upstate Citizens for Equality

UN Declaration of Rights

  • product of global indigenous solidarity work
  • drafted 1982, passed 2007
  • US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand only votes against
  • US last holdout; Obama endorsement 2010
  • no definition of indigenous peoples, nullification of land ownership, concern over potential “veto power” in laws, customary law being placed over national law

UN Declaration of Rights

  • what are the major concerns of the UN Declaration?
  • how do your policy proposals fit in with or differ from the UN Declaration?
  • what are some areas addressed by the UN Declaration that are not addressed by the policies proposed by your group or that we've seen so far in class?

Upstate Citizens for Equality

  • Southern Poverty Law Center & National Congress of American Indians hate group
  • Citizens' Equal Rights Foundation
  • "Federal Indian Policy is unaccountable, destructive, racist, and unconstitutional. It is, therefore CERF and CERA’s mission to ensure the equal protection of the law as guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution of the United States."

Upstate Citizens for Equality

  • who does the UCE claim to protect?
  • what are the major issues UCE claims Indian sovereignty causes?
  • what does UCE propose as a solution to these problems?