History of American Indians and the United States

Health & Sovereignty

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Social Science 60S

Friday, September 15

coming up

  • Policy piece due Monday Sept 18 (BB)
  • EC: Sept 28 11:30 Hum 290 Charlottesville roundtable
  • think about a short (one sentence!) summary of your paper

today's class

  • writing advice
  • violence against women
  • health & environment

writing advice

  • yes: Native, Native American, American Indian, Indian, Native people
  • no: the natives, native American, American Native, Indian females/males
  • "from time immemorial," "whites have always," "Indians have always"
  • watch out for ten dollar words!
  • how and why, not who, what, where

LaDuke, Akwasasne & Seminole

  • how has poverty & gaming affected life for the Seminole?
  • how has industry upstream on the St. Lawrence affected the Akwasasne Mohawk? how has General Motors responded?
  • why did the Navajo or other groups agree to let energy companies strip mine the Black Mesa Plateau or begin other industrial projects on reservations?

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

  • ~70% of Native women physically abused
  • ~45% of Native women sexually assulted
  • off-reservation women seen as sex workers or "asking for it"
  • disappearances not investigated because of unclear jurisdiction

Violence Against Women Act - 2013

  • tribal jurisdiction over non-Native/Native crime in domestic violence and sexual assault cases
  • only applies if accused lives, works, or has family relationships on reservation
  • tribal courts must pay for defendent's attorney through appeals process
  • tribal courts must provide trial by jury including non-Native jury members
  • why are so many reservation residents non-Native? ~75%

Indian Health Services

  • provisioned as part of treaty relationship annuities
  • large service areas
  • $3k per patient / $8k non-Native average / $6k Medicaid

culture & health

  • cultural perceptions of pain
  • 1 in 4 Native women sterilized 1950-1990
  • economic pressure: loss of aid off-reservation
  • unfit to parent: high rates of mental health diagnoses
  • practice for residents, IHS pay by procedure

Indian Gaming Act - 1988

  • Bryan v Itasca County 1972 & PL280
  • Reagan-era "self-sufficiency": self-determination & trust reduction
  • FBI jurisdiction
  • 10% of reservations generate 70% of revenue

economic sovereignty

  • ~30% unemployment, ~30% below poverty line
  • marginal lands vs. development rights
  • environmental impact on traditional support & self-sufficiency
  • jurisdiction & size of resources