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American Political and Social History I


Dangers of Beer Lake” : Read the article and be sure to look closely at the images.

Map 1: Spread of Slavery, 1790-1860

The map below shows the spread of slavery throughout the country.  Click through the year slider below the map to see different years.  How does the geographic concentration of slavery change over time?  Where do enslaved people of color make up the majority of the population?  Hover over counties in different areas to see the exact percent of the population who were enslaved.  How might the spread of slavery have affected the sectional tensions and pressures for reform we've seen in readings and the textbook?

Map 2: New York Votes For and Against "Negro" Suffrage

The map below shows the percentage of white New York voters in each county who voted in favor of granting African Americans the right to vote in 1846, 1860 and 1869.  In green counties, the majority of voters voted to grant African Americans the right to vote; in red counties the majority of voters voted against.  Click the year slider at the bottom of the map to change years; why might counties that voted in favor in 1846 vote against in later years?