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American Political and Social History I

Discussion Questions

  1. In the Dangers of Beer Lake, what was the mapmaker concerned about beyond drinking alcohol?  What problems did the mapmaker see alcohol contributing to or exacerbating?  What kind of virtues would save someone from the dangers of Beer Lake?
  2. In the Address of the Female Anti-Slavery Society, why are women particularly involved in abolitionism?  How do women justify their political and social activism at a time when the ideal is for women to stay quietly at home?  What moral, economic, social, or religious points are raised against slavery and in favor of abolition?
  3. What is the mood in the Georgia Camp meeting?  How and why are people of different races brought together at this event?  What might the writer of the description of the Georgia Camp meeting think of the Dangers of Beer Lake or the Address of the Female Anti-Slavery Society?
  4. See the Readings page for questions related to the two maps.
Discussion Questions