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American Political and Social History I


Watch video "William Johnson and the Iroquois."  You may need to log in with your NetID.

The Treaty of Versailles which ended the Seven Years' War between Britain and France was signed in the Hall of Mirrors at the French Royal Palace of Versailles.  No Americans or Native people were present at the signing of the treaty which completely reshaped North America, as discussed during lecture on Wednesday.  Twenty years later, the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolution would be signed in the same place, France hosting the treaty as America's ally against Britain.  The link above takes you to the Google Streetview of the hall.  

What's the symbolism of signing both treaties in such an opulently non-American space?  What's the symbolism of France surrendering its claims to North America in 1763, and then twenty years later hosting the treaty which separates America from Britain in the same space?